This is for an English project. I can write about what I like; there aren’t many requirements. It’s a blog I have to update weekly and have about five hundred words for each month.

I like to sleep.

My grandma thought I was dead once because I slept over seventeen hours straight and she was panicking. I can’t remember what I was dreaming about but it must’ve been very pleasant because I woke up with a smile on my face after having my blanket stolen and being shaken very roughly.

Dreams fascinate me.

I write them down if I can remember. On paper, notebooks, index cards, post-its, tape, anything on hand. I’ve written on my hands before too. Most of it isn’t very legible. But if I remember the emotions and colors associated with the few sentences I can make out, it floods me. Then I’m on my laptop, spell-check off, and trying to recreate it with words that actually make sense before I forget again. I type mainly with my pointers, pinkies, and thumbs (because the middle and ring fingers feel awkward); I did try typing stuff like the SpongeBob one but cheated and used the wrong fingers. I type pretty slowly compared to some people. So I have plenty of not-even-close-to-halfway-finished neat, legible, orderly stuff on Word and a gigantic mound of half-remembered dreams.

Dreams are raw, no filters at all. I think that’s precious.

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