Between Black and White

My English teacher talked a little about poetry today. To be honest, I was only half-listening because I can’t read poetry like a normal person. In my mind, I’m seriously going this rhymes with this and that rhymes with that! Dr. Seuss ruined me. If I use my fingers to break up the lines, I read it like a normal sentence which kind of takes away the whole point of poetry…

My class was about to do a district test and some hints were probably peppered in his speech but most of it went through one ear and out the other. But then he said something about shades of gray and that made my head snap up. The book was mentioned before in Health class (I loved that class, STIs and all, ’cause, yes, I did scar people with Google Images) so why not in English where we’re supposed to talk about all books?

It wasn’t that.

White is white. Black is black. Gray is equal parts black and white. Gray is mostly black and a little white. Gray is mostly white and a little black. Gray is dirty white. Gray is a weak-bleached black. Think of all the variations.

Gray is the important part of everything. All white or all black isn’t human; it’s mechanical. A robot can be programmed to be all black or all white. They have no sympathy or emotions. There’s an ugly consistency in that, even if they are perfect in everything else – and wouldn’t the world be a boring place without individuality? Gray is just short of being perfect and there’s no shame in that.

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