My NaNo Goal

NaNoWriMo is coming up, you guys! I’m looking at inspirational stuff to get motivated. My teacher has been showing some stuff for us to get motivated for our innovation projects. I already have mine in mind (zombie apocalypse) but most of them are really cool and inspirational. They make you feel happy.

Here are a few of them: Caine’s arcadepiano stairs, and yarnstorms in London.

So my ten-year-old sister dragged me to see Rise of the Guardians with her. Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost. I came because it made me look good (voluntarily spending time with my sister, wow!) and Jack is really, really attractive for an animated character. I actually enjoyed it. The movie itself was nice to look at, colors and sparkles, very pretty. The plot wasn’t that good but I liked it till the end.

I explored the RotG fandom. It’s amazing, by the way. Most of it’s about Jack, but he’s nice to look at so that’s okay. I obsessed over fanart for a while and then it moved to fanfics. Invisible by Twisted Skys, Rivers by Doppler Effect, Nothing Happens in the Middle of Nowhere by Dead Tea, Pas de Deux by Kalanon, and If You Were Homework, I’d Do You by Scarecrowqueen are my favorites (there is a language warning for the last one but it’s really good). I wrote a childhood AU ‘cause I’m good at those and then entered a high school AU contest. I gave up on that. The characters actually came with personalities and clothes (appearances are hard to describe) and I still managed to make them paper-thin. It shouldn’t have been that bad.

I’m trying again. My NaNo novel will be a RotG / Little Mermaid / Thumbelina / Sleeping Beauty AU. I was being lazy and looked through prompts and it came up on dreamwidth.

Last year, my main character was gradually becoming a Sue and, by that time, I didn’t have enough time to fix her. I kept on writing, rolling my eyes at the perfect girl I created. I hated that. I hated writing and I hated her. But I was going to finish; I was really determined. I still haven’t written ‘The End’ for that. Yeah, I basically stopped in the middle of the month and started again on the final week. I came close. Then I realized the second half hardly made any sense and I quit. I didn’t write like mad till midnight. I slept. The next day, I deleted most of it and started again. There was no spectacular finish. I practically cheated by writing something I hated and destroying it right after the contest ended.

I’m not going to do that this year. I may not reach 50,000 but I’m going to write, I’m going to love it, and I’m never going to delete it completely. I might be cross-posting here when I have time; it won’t be edited. I can work on that later. 1,667 words per day is a lot.

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