A Tale of Two Cities


In English class, we analyzed a lot of stuff without even reading the book. It was interesting. We talked about the title, what we thought it meant, why Dickens chose tale and not story and city but not country. Then we did the same for the first chapter title and we read the first paragraph and analyzed that too. The first paragraph was one very long, run on sentence. It was basically opposites (best and worst, light and dark, good and evil, hope and despair, etc) and it was about a period of time. The summary in the back says something about the French Revolution which is what I’m currently learning in history. So Marie Antoinette really didn’t say: “Let them eat cake,” because that phrase was around before her and apparently she was intelligent and charitable. Cake is also mistranslated and should be brioche which is a kind of French pastry.

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One Response to A Tale of Two Cities

  1. Indeed, unfortunately this misconception about her saying ‘Let them eat cake’ was only spread so as to make her seem malicious make people contempt her. Even the movie follows this false conception, which is a pity for Marie’s sake…

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