Taking Notes

So I just read the first three chapters of A Tale of Two Cities and I have no idea what I read. I practically looked up fifty words and took dumbed-down summary notes (I cut out adjectives, replaced some words, abbreviated a lot; questions, additional notes, and swirly little doodles were in the margins). Then I re-read what I wrote and it does make sense, I’m just not sure how it’s all related.

There’s England and there’s France and the kings have large jaws and the French queen is prettier than the English one. Fate is a Woodman and Death is a Farmer. The Church is mean and tortures people. People like guns and are suspicious of everyone. Horses shake their heads firmly. Mr. Lorry says “RECALLED TO LIFE” in response to a command to wait at Dover. Mr. Lorry is a gravedigger.

I’m lazy and the analysis seemed like a lot. We analyzed a few paragraphs in English and that took forever. Charles Dickens wrote sarcastically so half the stuff isn’t meant literally. I went on Sparknotes and Shmoop. They had a lot of words and it was also plot summary. Very helpful. So I’m still clueless but, hey, at least my vocabulary is expanding and I learned some new words…


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