I’m over halfway done with A Tale of Two Cities and I can honestly say it isn’t as bad as I was expecting.

There are way too many flowery adjectives and descriptions that allude to other things that I have to look up to get that aha-moment (Jerry Cruncher = Jesus Christ). If I cut out all the adjectives, I can basically summarize an entire chapter in two or three sentences. The stuff we analyzed in class made me not want to read it because every single unnecessary word that I cut out in my notes had some greater meaning. Plus punctuation. Those super long sentences aren’t really run-ons – the commas, dashes, semicolons, and colons just show how everything’s connected.

But if I read it myself, willingly (procrastinating on chemistry homework, which I think is ten times worse), the book’s good. I read all of book two in one go. It was interesting and I liked it. I liked reading chapters twelve and thirteen. I like Mr. Carton and I laugh at Mr. Stryver. I don’t like Lucie much. Why is everyone chasing after her? She’s very perfect.

Discussion and analysis in class and I hate it again. I write down the stuff we say in discussion because it’s going to be on the test, google the connections I should be making and comparing to what I do get on my own. Luckily, it’s partly Bible stuff (heaven, hell, resurrection), and mostly mythology (which I used to be genuinely interested in and also had a summer reading assignment on Mythology by Edith Hamilton). What’s left is historical events that I’m sort of learning in history right now so it’s not too bad.

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