Idea Dispenser

Remember that post I did a while back on the humans vs zombies game? It isn’t working out so well (at all). A Nerf gun costs around thirty dollars, not including the cost of refills. There are around three thousand students and it’s impossible to think we could raise that much money plus the cost of everything else in just a few months.

We tried keeping it but at a smaller scale, but that isn’t educational at all. Schoolwide, it could be a learning and bonding experience (please don’t ask me to elaborate on this) but with our class and maybe another on just one day… If we can’t make it a week long and leading up to the Baron Games then we can’t call it school spirit. Students would want to participate but the teachers wouldn’t.

On mish-mash day, my teacher mentioned an idea dispenser for an assignment. Our group needed a new innovation project and he approved it so that’s what we’re doing now. We’re going to fundraise for the machine which costs $160.99 + $50.65 shipping from amazon and a hundred empty capsules which cost $20.20. The total is $231.84. After that we’re going to brainstorm for ideas to put inside them, decide how many repeats we can have, and put them inside. The final step will be putting the idea dispenser into our English classroom and hoping that the first few ideas that pop out will be amazing.Image

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