Filling Idea Capsules

Colorful Capsules

Hi. Remember when I was writing about how my group’s innovation project changed to the Idea Dispenser? Well, the machine finally arrived and a few days after, the capsules did too! The machine we chose was from because the Amazon and eBay ones were either too small or huge and expensive.

Anyway, it came with a stand and was extremely easy to assemble. We basically screwed on the box part of the machine to the stand, peeled off the protective plastic on the glass, and stood it upright.


There are five people in my group and 200 capsules can fit inside so we each did forty. We decided on what categories weeks before and mine was interesting internet links and origami. The other categories were to do at home, to do at school, to do with a friend, to brighten someone else’s day, inspirational quotes, jokes and riddles, treasure maps, small toys and other knick-knacks.

Two-inch capsules are too small to cram in sheets of origami paper and too big to slip inside one link. I bought small four-inch square origami paper and folded each sheet in half because that’s what most origami start with anyway. I put in five slips of lucky star strips and a sheet of folded instructions, and a lucky star. I wrote down internet links on how to make other things in the back of the instructions sheet because it was getting harder to stuff more things inside. I folded origami birds, hearts, flowers, and animals, and put a completed one inside each capsule.

Lucky Star Origami Paper

Lucky Star Origami Paper                                                       Star

I can’t count and folded fifty origami creatures by mistake. I gave ten away, and filled the forty capsules with just origami. I still have the links and thought why not post them up? So here they are, random internet links that my siblings and I found. Keep in mind that one is an eleven-year-old girl and the other is an eight-year-old boy. Every site they went on was approved by my mother so hopefully nothing inappropriate comes up. There is no order and some are useful, some are time killers, and some are strange.

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