So we watched this movie in class the other day, an end-of-the-year type thing (like reading Night by Elie Wiesel). I’m not sure what I was supposed to be thinking about it. With the other movies that we watched, they were either clearly time wasters or back-to-back with a book we read.

The movie was okay. Not especially touching, no intricate plot, no eye catching actors. I don’t know a thing about boxing. People get beat up in the ring and there’s blood, bruises, and applause. I feel bad watching that. Rocky was sweet in his interviews with his honest answers and I liked his relationships with his pets Moby Dick, Cuff, and Link. I have four fish and two turtles. I hated how Paulie treated Adrian and was glad when she spoke up. The raw eggs disgusted me. Inspiring training routine and the meat was funny. Adrian was sweet. Apollo Creed was ridiculous. Rocky lost. The goal was to go the distance and he did but he still lost.

I don’t know. I read some movie reviews from imdb and I didn’t see it right. The simple, inspiring movie that yanks you right in, involves you. Rocky’s many layers, character depth. The importance of trying your best and sticking to the girl. I wish I saw it like they did because it sounds amazing. This movie was enough to distract me from studying for chemistry. I watched it. I didn’t feel particularly moved or touched though.

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One Response to Rocky

  1. thekittyhat says:

    I can guarantee you, when you are older you will be able to appreciate these sorts of movies more 😛
    (I can totally tell you didn’t want to write this)
    Write on, my friend

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