How to Make an Origami Heart

My mom describes origami as folding paper artistically and drawing eyes on it. By artistically, she means the kind of art that’s literally a scribble but if you tilt your head and squint it kind of looks like a nose. When I was ten, she taught me how to make a box and gave me an origami book when I wanted to learn how to make a flower.

Anyway, in this post I will be showing you how to fold a heart with a starburst pattern. I chose this because it’s simple enough to do in about five minutes on your first try. It takes me two and a half minutes, my eleven-year-old sister five, my twelve-year-old cousin nine, and my dad gave up after step 6. My descriptions aren’t amazing but the steps for most all origami are to fold, crease, and repeat. I looked on youtube for a video and found some slightly different ones: one using a sheet of copy paper that hides the flaps, and one out of a dollar bill.

0. Paper.
1. Fold paper into quarters.
20140606_0100342. Crease and unfold.
3. Fold in half again.
4. Fold diagonally so that it meets the middle crease line.
20140606_010152 5. Unfold
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all three other sides.
7. Place finger in the center point of the crease lines.20140606_010231 8. Fold down the left side with your finger still in. 20140606_010244 9. Smooth over crease line.
10. Match the points of the triangle.
20140606_01025411. Crease the top center line with the triangle.
12. Repeat steps 7-11 on the right side.
PicMonkey Collage13. Flatten and crease.
20140606_01034714. Turn paper upside down.
15. Repeat steps 7-13 for this side.
PicMonkey Collage16. Fold up corners of triangle to the tip of the triangle.
20140606_01055417. Crease and repeat for other three sides.
20140606_01063718. Open a triangle flap.
20140606_01070619. Fold the tip to the center point.
20140606_01071820. Crease and repeat for the other three sides.
PicMonkey Collage21. Fold corners into the smaller center crease line of one of the four squares.
20140606_01131522. Repeat for other seven sides.20140606_01143523. Open the smallest flap in the center of a tiny triangle.
20140606_01151424. Flatten and crease.
PicMonkey Collage25. Repeat for other seven sides.
20140606_01192326. Flip over.
20140606_01193027. Fold down tip of rhombus to meet the bottom.
PicMonkey Collage28. Fold back the pointy corners of the heart (the ones on the side).20140606_01205729. Crease with a pinch.
30. DONE!
(31. Or draw eyes and a nose and call it a mouse if you’re my mother.)20140606_012330

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