How to Make an Origami Butterfly

For my English presentation, I was uncertain about which origami demonstration to do. If I’m pressed for time, I could go to this post directly and present. I already did the powerpoint for the heart but I took these pictures before doing the heart and typed up the instructions so I’ll put it up here too. This butterfly is extremely easy to do and takes a couple of minutes. It took me two minutes, rounding down, my sister finished in thirty more seconds, and my dad did it in five.

0. Paper20140606_0135511. Fold paper in half and crease.
2. Unfold. 20140606_0137193. Fold sides of square to meet the center crease. 20140606_0138234. Fold in half to crease.
5. Unfold. 20140606_0140076. Open a flap partly and fold to center crease. Do not press down yet.PicMonkey Collage7. Repeat on other side. 20140606_0141448. Press down so that the top reaches the center crease line. 20140606_0141599. Flatten and crease. 20140606_01424210. Flip over.
11. Repeat steps 6-9. 20140606_01435012. Fold in half. It should look something like a twin boat. 20140606_01551413. Pick up a flap, don’t open it, and fold to the center crease line. 20140606_01555614. Repeat previous step to other side. 20140606_01560915. Fold the pointy corner on the side, not in the center crease line, just slightly. 20140606_01564616. Repeat previous step on other side. 20140606_01571017. Fold in half. 20140606_01564618. Pinch the tip in the front at the bottom.20140606_01573819. Fold a bit, flap it around, and curl the wings slightly. Play with it until it resembles a butterfly. PicMonkey Collage20. DONE!egSenEJTb5R8Qc61c5IeYa5yAaw5Qo-omOYSqzDHGrY

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