Hi. My name is Michelle. This is a blog about my thoughts on various things. I want to be an author so I write. I will probably be posting some of my stories here but some of them are fanfiction. I’ve been reading that since fourth grade and there actually are some really amazing ones. It’s basically exploring all the possibilities that could’ve happened but didn’t. The ones you should never read unless you wanna laugh are the OC ones where the Mary-Sue gets the guy of her dreams very unrealistically. Also M rated ones are often written by preteens so those are pretty funny but they really hurt your brain. So I get most of my story plots from dreams or a certain feeling from the dream. Sometimes I cheat and look through kink memes and other prompts. Dreams are beautiful. You can’t capture them with a camera to remember them forever – sometimes you wake up and forget immediately but remember the emotions – so I’m recording them. But dreams don’t make sense at all. I’m trying to make sense of mine. 


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  1. partyofone says:

    This is such a creative take on a “dream journal”. The concept is amazing and good luck to you on your writing endeavors!

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